Weld2Cast Engineering is a Swedish one-stop supplier of  Engineering  Casting and Forgings Solution for the Scandinavian and northern European market, including market in Germany and Netherlands.

We specialize in development, manufacture and supply of custom-made(OEM) mechanical components of the very highest quality at extremely competitive price.

Our strength is supply of finish precision machined and assembled castings and forgings in small and medium quantities in size from 0,1 kg – 200 kg from our production centres in Europe, Turkey, China and Southeast Asia.

From our logistic centers in Sweden(Gothenburg and Stockholm) and Denmark(Padborg) we can stock and supply our Scandinavian and other North European customers with engineered components on a day-to-day delivery, so you never need to worry about delivery time.


Our key speciality is our innovated engineering service where we helps customer to convert and design simple or complex weldments or solid assemblies  into weight saving and cost efficient engineered castings or forgings.

There are numerous benefits to converting a welded part into a castings or forgings:

  • Saves labor time
  • Reduces part numbers and inventory of sub-assemblies
  • Attractive and weight optimizing design
  • Improves the dimensional accuracy and quality of the finished product
  • Reduce overall part cost (TCO)

Our R&D and technical teams have more than 25 year of combine experience in development and design of engineered components.

Our goal is to partner up with our costumers engineers!