High-Pressure Die Casting

Why Choose High-Pressure Die Casting?

The High-Pressure Die Castings process produces high volumes of identical, low-temperature metallic components with precision and repeatability. High-Pressure Die Casting requires complex machinery in order to inject molten metal or alloys at high force into a metal die – usually a hardened steel tool.

For Die Gravity Casting the process isn’t automated, in High-Pressure Die Casting it is. This process is suited to high production rates and can be performed at a low cost per unit. The most common alloys used are non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, zinc and magnesium. WELD2CAST’s most popular alloy is aluminium A 380, due to its optimal combination of material properties and production workability. It is especially suitable for use in the following sectors: Electronic & Communication Devices, Automotive Parts, Structural Components, Furniture Parts.


WELD2CAST’s High-Pressure Die Casting Benefits Include:

  1. Cost-efficient manufacturing process for high-volume production.
  2. Production lines are not labour intensive, almost everything runs automatically .
  3. Good surface finish (N8 or better) can be manufactured with smooth or textured surfaces, and are easily plated or powder coated.
  4. Very cheap additional machining cost, because often no secondary machining is needed.
  5. Long tool Life  150.000 – 200.000 parts of identical Die Castings can be produced from a Die tooling.
  6. Minimums of 500 up to 100,000 units per series
  7. Highly suitable for complex thin-walled parts.