Shell Moulding Casting

Why Choose Shell Moulding Casting?

Shell Moulding is a high-grade production of sand-casting process, producing the highest quality of casting available with modern technology. In contrast to sand casting, the shell moulding’s sand is heated, so that when the resin sand touches the pattern, it creates a thin ‘shell’ around it. This shell becomes the negative pattern forming two pieces. These two pieces are then mated to create a mould, which molten metal is poured into. The cast part is then retrieved by breaking the shell away from it. The manufacturing process is completely automated, which lowers labour costs and facilitates mass production.

Shell molding castings

WELD2CAST’s Shell Moulding Casting Benefits Include:

  1. Excellent surface quality compared to sand casting and Investment (Water glass) casting
  2. High dimensional accuracy with a possible mould cone of 0.5°.
  3. Practically unlimited service life of the patterns if made in steel.
  4. Suitable for medium to large series runs or as few as 200 units.
  5. Most common alloys is carbon steel, Low and High alloys and ADI / Ductile iron.
  6. Highly cost efficient per kg most significantly in the 15 – 40 kg item range.