Gravity Die Casting

Why Choose Gravity Die Casting?

The Gravity Die Casting process refers to the term “Gravity”, where a molten metal is poured from a vertical position into a metallic tool. The process differs from High-Pressure Die Casting because there’s no additional force applied, and it can also use both metal and sand cores, called semi-permanent mould casting. This method is best suited for larger, thicker parts than high pressure die casting, but can produce great levels of detail. Gravity Die Casting tooling is a more uncomplicated method of construction which leads to cost effective production especially suited for lower-volume series casting.

Operator pouring aluminum molten in to high precision casting mold, Alunimun foundry process manufacturing, pouring high temperature aluminum molten

WELD2CAST’s Gravity Die Casting Benefits Include:

  1. Excellent and complex dimensional accrual.
  2. Low moulding costs.
  3. Secondary machining is reduced or eliminated.
  4. Smoother cast surfaces than with sand castings.
  5. Thinner walls can be cast compared to sand casting, min. wall thickness 3 mm.
  6. Very suitable for castings between 1 kg – 60 kg.
  7. Ideal option for low-volume series.
  8. Most common alloys offered are aluminium and copper.